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About Beauty Business Summit
The Beauty Business Summit is the creation by master educator, Ruby Polanco. It’s a combination of education, marketing and branding. After spending the last 15 years in the beauty industry and building a multi-million dollar company, Ruby started asking herself “Why is it that other people can’t create the growth, wealth and influence in their life, businesses and community like I did?” “Why is that so many businesses fail after only a few years of being open?”  “Why do they never make more than a few hundred thousand dollars in the life of the business?“

It pains her to see so many passionate entrepreneurs failing over and over. She thought about what she could do to help people reach a greater level of success and she decided to create
The Beauty Business Summit where she will teach you the systems she created to build her company from the ground up and the how-to’s she used to turn it into an INC 500/5000 company.

About Ruby Polanco
I am here to tell you that if I can do it….anyone can do it! I overcame some incredible obstacles:

Didnt speak English
Teen mom
Abusive relationships and no education

ve spent the last 10 years creating businesses and systems to create wealth. The Beauty Business Summit is my chance to share all these systems with YOU. I want to show you how I went from broke single mom, to a multi-millionaire!

Ruby Polanco - CEO at Ruby Makeup Academy, 4 Location Makeup School in Los Angeles
If I can do it…you can too!
Beauty Business Summit
The Beauty of Business
What you will walk away with...
About Trish Grimes

Trish Grimes makes HIRING SUPERSTARS an absolute breeze with her proprietary strategies and systems for success. For over 20 years in Corporate America she is best known for creating a multi-million dollar enterprise as CFO & Vice President of Ruby Studios, Inc., and Ruby Makeup Academy - an INC. 500/5000 Company, and one of the largest makeup schools in the World.

Thanks to her ingenuity, creating an ideal corporate culture, and producing a raving fan base of superstar employees known as Ruby Girls, Trish strictly hires the best of the best!

As a dynamic Keynote Speaker, Trish shares her versatile and unique approach to operations and hiring principles with corporate teams, executive boards and small business owners nationwide. Her raw, no frills, no fluff approach is well respected and easily implemented in American business.
Trish Grimes Consulting is her newest venture, and as Founder and CEO she brings honesty, integrity and real life experience to the boardroom. She knows what it takes to build a profitable brand, create a successful and memorable image, and build a solid team of superstar employees that breed big sales, productivity and enthusiasm in a highly competitive marketplace.

Her personal and professional experience - knowing what works well and what does not, and her savvy, ambitious personality compliments her formal education and specialty training, especially behind the scenes of any business.

Trish Grimes, CPSC earned her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from California State University San Bernardino, and graduated from the Success Coach Institute as a Certified Professional Success Coach.

She loves making money for herself, her companies, and her clients! Early in her career and before moving into the beauty and education industry, Trish had a booming real estate business. She excels in the principles of business and finance, respects it, and she simply knows how to grow bottom line profits fast and efficiently. She credits that her stellar track record of big wins starts with a solutions-driven approach and is complimented by her keen sense of solid operations - It
s the perfect mix to living the life of her dreams and the life of financial freedom!

Here’s a little bit about me that you might not know:

I was born in Honduras and immigrated to America with my mother at the age of 12. I didn’t speak a word of English and was beaten up at recess in the South Central Los Angeles school district.  Then at age 17, I became a single mother and dropped out of high school.

I knew that education was still important so I got my GED and went on to college.  There were days I didn’t have enough money for both food and a bus token. I always chose the bus token so I could get to school.

Some days I had to take my son to college with me because I couldn’t afford a babysitter. I would load up my backpack with my books and load up his backpack with coloring books and off we’d go to college.

How’s that for a challenging start at life!? My life was not easy but it got me ready for LIFE! Hahaha….the struggle was real!

In 2015 I was blown away to find out that INC Magazine named me to these lists of ground breaking female entrepreneurs:

The 50 Fastest-Growing Women-Led Private Companies in America
The 10 Fastest-Growing Women-Led Private Companies in Los Angeles
Right now, we are finalizing this Rock Star group of speakers. Stay tuned as we add more and more guests as the event gets closer.

Unlike so many other events, the main event at the Beauty Business Summit is Ruby herself and some of her favorite people.

Within the first few minutes at the Beauty Business Summit, you will know that this is no ordinary event and Ruby is about to rock your world.

Not only will Ruby inspire you to step up and be your greatest self but she has brought together the list of her most influential friends to share their industry insights as well.

Just attending the Beauty Business Summit will make a massive difference in your business and your income as your strategize your goals for 2018… and beyond!
Henry Vasquez
aka @hankandhenry_

Join Henry in a discussion about Building Through Social Media: Starting your own beauty company, and building it through personality, social media, and social media influencers.

Henry has been in the industry over a decade and progresses his career with the motto that “life is built not only on the connections you build with people but how you nurture those connections”. With the abundance of makeup artists  and cosmetics brands due to the rise of social media, Henry conducts workshops across the country,  to not only  sharpen the skills of new artists and brand owners, but teaches them that building excellent connections with their clients is what will separate them from the bunch.
Suha Ibrahim & Hanan Ibrahim

This dynamic duo will join us in Dallas to share with you how they went from rags to riches, literally overnight by using reality tv shows and their social media accounts to create such a hype that people will stand in line for hours just to be near them!
Josh Van Dyk -

How to attract new customers & keep them coming back with ZERO effort.

Josh teaches beauty professionals how to achieve their goals by leveraging digital technology. He will show you how to capture new customers online, increase appointments, reduce no-shows, and keep customers coming back with no additional effort. is a global tech leader in the beauty industry. Shore provides marketing tools, online booking software, state-of-the-art websites and custom mobile apps for entrepreneurial beauty professionals like yourself. Shore has offices in 7 countries and over 40,000 users.
Josh Van Dyk has a BA in Advertising & Marketing from Michigan State and he has over a decade of experience in the tech industry. Let Josh show you how digital tools can take your business to the next level while focusing more on what you love, making your clients look and feel beautiful!

Josh Van Dyk - Strategic Partnerships -

Henry is the President of Hank & Henry Beauty.  He launched his own line of cosmetics in November 2017 sold out almost overnight! He is currently working with distribution partners to take the brand worldwide.

Double Tree @ Dallas Love Field in Dallas TX


The dress code is “be your best self”! This is THE place to network, meet other strategic entrepreneurs, alliances, joint venture partners, clients, and suppliers of the resources you need to grow your business. We recommend you bring an additional sweater, wrap or jacket, as our meeting room will be on the cool side.


In Dallas, the month of April is characterized by rising daily high temperatures, with daily highs increasing by 7°F, from 73°F to 80°F over the course of the month, and rarely exceeding 87°F or dropping below 61°F.

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Double Tree @ Dallas Love Field in Dallas TX
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Ruby’s Beauty Business Summit Team is happy to answer any questions you have about the event, registration, sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities.

We are working to make the Beauty Business Summit the best event that you’ve ever attended. We want to be sure that you come back year after year and bring your friends!
This is the ultimate business building conference where you can find all the resources you need plus have access to Ruby and her team. Whether you are an established business owner or just starting out……Whether you do $100,000 a year, a Million a year or haven’t started yet………….

Ruby’s insights and business savvy will help you to get to the next level of your business…..whether it’s making an extra million next year or just to get your business started. The lessons you take home from this weekend will last a life time.
Imagine when you look back on life, if you could have had a coach, mentor or friend to help you with critical business decisions. How much would that be worth?

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"I've wanted to open my business for over 3 years. After my first coaching call with Ruby, I went out and leased my location. I learned more from Ruby in a 30 minute call than I had learned on my own after 5 years of research!"

Cedar Lapp,  Portland, OR
Katty Lopez DeGull,  San Jose, CA
I came to Ruby to help me branch out in the beauty business. She helps me to have tunnel vision. It's been an amazing journey. She helps me focus and pushes me to strive for more. Working with Ruby is amazing and best of all, she believes in ME!"

Lacy Campbell,  Florida
"Before I attended the Beauty Business Summit last year, I felt like I wasn't growing any more. I came out of there with so many ideas that my head was spinning. We have double or tripled our business since we went to BBS last year. Ruby has so much experience in the beauty business it's amazing. She is the best coach ever!"

Esmeralda Hernandez
CEO of Be Bella Cosmetics
Los Angeles, CA

"What drew me to Ruby is her success. I was kind of lost in my business. I didn't have the systems and I was about to close my business. It's been less than 4 months since the Beauty Business Summit and I've already quit my full time day job. Within a week of my VIP day with Ruby, a switch flipped on in my business and the phone started ringing off the hook. I never expected so much in so little time, simply by doing what Ruby told me to do!"

Maggie Duenas,  Oakland, CA
What's it about?

It's all about the Beauty of Doing Business. Its 3 days with ME, learning all my systems that got me to where I am today. I started my business from nothing. And I can teach you how to do it too!

What will I learn?

You will learn Branding, Marketing, Social Media, Sales and more! You will learn all my money making systems that I use daily to make millions. I'll help you create systems to build your brand. Come for the fun of it and go home with some $Million dollar ideas!  Learn how I took my business from making $70k a year to over $3M a year!

Is this program for ME?

Do you want to turn your idea into a money making business?! Then YES, this weekend is for you! This program is for anybody that owns a business. It's also for the person that has the idea and passion to start a business. I'm here to create the next generation of millionaires! Will it be YOU? I hope so.

What if I'm not in the beauty business?

Do you want to turn your idea into a money making business?! Then YES, this weekend is for you! This program is for anybody that owns a business. It's also for the person that has the idea and passion to start a business. I'm here to create the next generation of millionaires! Will it be YOU? I hope so.

Where will I stay?

We have arranged discounted rooms for you on site at Double Tree @ Dallas Love Field in Dallas TX

Can I bring a friend?

YES! When you purchase your VIP ticket, you will receive an email with an invitation to bring a friend for FREE!

Do I need to own a business?

No. You don’t have to. Some of the people there will be brainstorming business plans and putting together ideas on how to create a business.

Who is teaching this seminar?

Your host will be Ruby Polanco for 3 days, teaching you her ground breaking systems on how to create wealth in your business. We are adding to the guest speaker list every day.

Trish Grimes, VP of Ruby Makeup Academy teaching the hiring strategies that we used to become $Millionaires! And so much more.....Stay tuned and keep checking the page. We will be adding speakers.

Do I have to have experience?

No. You don’t have to. Some of the people there will be brainstorming business plans and putting together ideas on how to create a business. You can do the same!
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APRIL 20-22, 2018. DALLAS, TX
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